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Our Impact On The Community

We value the positive impact organized sport and recreation has on youth development. We're proud to work hand-in-hand with dedicated parents and coaches to help engage families and grow participation in sport throughout the northern Door community.

How we started

In 2020 I started teaching swimming lessons for some friends at nearby hotel pools and almost immediately started receiving weekly inquiries for more and more lessons. I quickly realized I needed a way for families to sign up and pay for swimming lessons that made it easy for me and easy for them. I purchased an online registration portal that could do a lot more than I needed it to at the time, but my gut told me to fire now and aim later. 

Over 500 swimming lessons later, aiming has led me down quite a path. To offset the costs of such a comprehensive recreational management software tool I needed to find other coaches and instructors who were in need of similar registration services. Turns out I wasn't the only coach in need of a way to streamline the administrative process. 


I also needed to find more families who were looking for classes, leagues and lessons. I decided we needed a sports and recreation catalog, something I was used to growing up with. I reached out to some local businesses to see if they would be willing to advertise in this new "thing". Sight unseen they jumped in. I created the catalog with all of the sport listings I had compiled and snail mailed the first issue in February 2023.


The rest is history.

- Rachel Stollenwerk, founder and coach

What makes us unique

Northern Door County is normal but at the same time different. We have all of the same year round sport and recreational needs as just about anywhere USA but no coordinated recreational district or single municipality that helps manage them. Instead, we rely heavily on volunteers and parents who often move on and up with their children over time resulting in ebbs and flows of structure and consistency in programs which can greatly affect quality of instruction and participation rates. We also rely heavily on word of mouth marketing creating barriers, especially for new families, to know what's going on if you aren't well connected. 


Northern Door Sports and Recreation is the recreational district administrator that is needed to help manage the sport leagues and lessons that link the communities and families from Ellison Bay down to Egg Harbor. We've created a foundation for clubs, coaches and instructors to re-engage families, recruit new athletes and retain and grow participation rates. 

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services and always adapt to the unique needs of the coaches and clubs we work with. Our services include, but are not limited to:​​​

  • Online program registration

  • Facility reservation management

  • League management

  • Membership management

  • Online credit card processing

  • Payment collection for registration fees

  • Program and Revenue reporting

  • Content creation

  • Consulting

In addition, working with us connects your programs and leagues into the Northern Door Sports and Recreation network. We are your direct link to families and individuals who are looking for the programs and leagues you offer. We keep the community informed on whats going on and how to sign up. 

Work With Us!

Northern Door Sports and Recreation is a partner to local clubs, associations, sports facilities and independent instructors/coaches, to find and implement solutions that improve your ability to provide quality sports and recreational opportunities to the public. 

If you resonate with any of the following scenarios then we encourage you to connect with us. 

  • Do you run a league and find it challenging to find volunteers to manage administrative duties?

  • Do you struggle with coach turnover or finding committed coaches? 

  • Are you a coach or instructor who loves to teach but doesn't have the capacity to invest in a full-blown business?

  • Are you a facility manager who has space and wants to fill it? 

  • Are you ready to grow and make your offerings available direct to the public? 

  • Do you have unique administrative needs that need support but not enough for a full-time hire? 


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